Bleeding During Pregnancy

Patient: I am just over 3 weeks pregnant and started bleeding yesterday was red but not as much as i would get during a period, only bled once and then again today but less than before. The was no pain the first time but the second had a slight pain in my back. Is this normal?

Doctor: Let me reassure you that bleeding during the pregnancy it’s common and always considered a sign of trouble. In fact, mos t women who experience vaginal bleeding during pregnancy particularly during the first trimester will have successful pregnancies.However it’s important to evaluate vaginal bleeding. Sometimes vaginal bleeding during pregnancy indicates an impending miscarriage or a problem that needs prompt treatment. If you notice bleeding again with contractions, then I will suggest you to seek medical attention immediately. Since you mentioned pain in your back, I would also suggest you to comply with your pre natal controls and possibly a urine test to evaluate for possible urinary tract infection. I wish you a successful pregnancy.