Bleeding during sex

Patient: I am bleeding during and alot after sex it doesnt hurt to have sex but after I am in alot of pain I have had the coyle for 3years because my periods were causing me so much pain I am due for a smear test on monday also. Shoulsd I be worried?

Symptoms: I bleed during and after sex I have the coyle but my periods are erratic and very sore. I am due for a smear test on monday should I be worried?

Doctor: Bleeding after sex is medically termed as Post Coital bleeding. It is seen due to injuries inside vagina, any tears afte r childbirth, infections and STDs, polyps, cancers, etc. IUCD device inserted in you, usually has no effect in post coital bleeding. Consult a gynecologist for detailed examination and counseling and for appropriate treatment.