Bleeding for 2 days at 9 weeks pregnant

Patient: I am 9weeks pregnant and have been ‘bleeding’ for two days. I am not sure whether to call it bleeding as at first it was just a bit of blood on the tissue after a pee.this morning my husband and I tried to have sex and there was a flow of blood.I have put a panty liner on and it has spots of blood. When it flowed it was the colour of dark red wine,on the panty liner it is brighter. When I was 6weeks,I had the same experience.My Gp did a vaginal exam and an u/s and cobfirmed cervix closed and baby ok. It lasted about 2days and stopped. I’m onto my 3rd day and starting to worry. Is this normal? I have no pain. Just stress.

Symptoms: Bleeding

Doctor: Thanks for your query.Occasional spotting during pregnancy is quite common. But since you say that you are having this for two days it is better to see the doctor who will do scan, give medication to stop the bleeding / spotting. It has to be tested if the hormone progesterone & estrogen are of normal levels, as low levels of these hormones can lead to bleeding and harm the fetus. If these hormones are found low they have to be supplemented. It is advisable for you to be at rest and avoid sex till the first trimester is completed. Sometimes low lying placenta can also lead to bleeding or spotting and it is best to see the doctor gyn/obs who can ascertain the reason for bleeding or spotting.Hope that answers your query. Have a good day.