Bleeding in early pregnancy, is this a miscarriage?

Patient: Im confirmed pregnant 5-4days yesterday i stared spotting dark brown wwhen. Visiting the toilet, i progressed to red blood within a couple of hours, i have no cramps but do have a dull ache in my lower back my breasts are not as tender but i do still feel sick and have a horrid taste in my mouth, i have in the past suffered miscarriages and this does not seem the same but im extremely worried, i rung my local out of hours g.p got told to resdt and if i start getting any pain to ring them back, they also made me an appointment at the epu for next wednesday 5 days away, the stress of not nowing wjhats going on is not good is there anything else i can do pleaseMany thanksSam

Symptoms: Bleeding dull lower back pain

Doctor: I am sorry to know about your previous miscarriages.I am sure you would have got yourself investigated to find out the cause for your repeated pregnancy loss.I’m afraid you will have to wait and hope the bleeding resolves soon. Do not exert yourself unduly. Many times a situation like this does resolve on its own and the pregnancy continues to maturity.However you have to inspect the pads carefully before discarding them…there should not be any fleshy pinkish mass as that would indicate a miscarriage) and the pain and bleeding should stop soon for the pregnancy to continue. Please call up for help if the symptoms worsen. I wish you luck.