Bleeding pile that has now burst and fallen off.

Patient: I have had piles ever since I was about 16 years old. they were painful and some times I used to bleed but they usually go back inside my anus after a while and come out again after several months. on Monday (02/02/2015) I started having pile problems. they were painful but I wasn’t bleeding. yesterday while I was at wok my pile burst and it bleeded so bad that my jeans have blood stains. this morning while I was trying to wipe off the left over blood with a wet toilet paper I noticed that some skin/pile was on the paper. which means the pile fell off. some how it cut itself. I am not sure if some of the skin is still left outside my anus but the piles are less painful today. I am scared. I cant see a doctor now because I don’t have the fee at the moment. should I apply salt to it to stop the bleeding/ to heal the wound?

Symptoms: Bleeding and pains on the anus.