Bleeding while Pregnant

Patient: I am bleeding while pregnant what should I do?

Symptoms: Bleeding

Doctor: Hello,Any form of bleeding is termed as threatened abortion unless proven otherwise. You must immediately report to t he ER and meet your physician for a per speculum examination and an ultrasound transvaginally to look for viability of fetus and if seen any retroplacental hemorrhage or subchorionic hemorrhages which indicate a uteroplacental bleed and can cause abortion.If the bleed is ruled out then likely that there may be local causes like cervical erosions and bleeding may be seen after an intercourse.You may be placed on progestational support if you are in your first trimester till 14 -18 weeks depending on the ultrasonological status of the conceptus. So, please visit your physician sooner.I hope I have answered your query in detail,wishing you a safe pregnancy,regards