Blemishes on and Around Crotch

Patient: Okay, so I am a 14 year old male. I am not sexually active, nor have I ever been. I get these red bumps around my crotch area. They appear mostly on my inner thigh, but around my genitals. Puss is released when squeezed. They start out as extremely tiny, the size of a pin head. They then get to be about as large as an M&M. They grow at a slow rate until they get significantly large. What happens then is they become irritated, very red, and they bleed and puss when they are squeezed. I have about 10 tiny ones, 2 large ones, and 1 that is inflamed and irritated. This is the first time I have looked into it. I asked a doctor once, and he said that it was some type of virus, and they typically take 6-8 months to completely go away. He also mentioned that it can be transmitted sexually, but that is not how I got it.

Symptoms: Red bumps on and around crotch.