Bloating after miscarrage

Patient: Hi there- Im 39 yrs old for starters. I missed my period in June and took a preg test with a pos result. I figured I was pregnant anyway having tender and swollen breast and crying alot. I started bleeding in July. It was heavy the first few days then was just a constant spotting for the next 2 mo. Now I have stopped bleeding all together but my stomach is bloated , hard and tender. Im concerned now. Did I really miscarry? My breast are also still swollen. Any suggestions? Thank u.

Symptoms: Swollen, tender and bloated stomach after poss miscarraige

Doctor: There is a possibility that you had a miscarriage when you bled in July however you will need to be examined before anyt hing can be conclusively said. It is recommended that you visit the emergency room or an early pregnancy care center whenever you have bleeding during pregnancy and I wonder why you have not consulted with a doctor already.It can be quite risky to continue bleeding/ spotting after a pregnancy as the likely causes may range from threatened miscarriage, incomplete miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, molar pregnancies to even choriocarcinoma (post abortion).More so as you have a Rh-negative blood type, depending upon the blood group of your partner you are at risk of developing anti-Rh antibodies if you are not adequately protected with anti-Rh immunoglobulins (anti-d). Please do not take this lightly and seek medical help immediately.

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Patient: Thank you, I have since made a doctors app. since I am now positive Im still pregnant. At my age I should have known how important it was to see a doctor, but I think I was and am still in denial somewhat that I could actually be pregnant. Now Im concerned with all the problems having a baby after 35! I thought I was done having children, I have a 18 yr old daughter and a 11 yr old son already. What will my family think? I just hope that the baby is healthy which I will soon find out.