Blocked nose all year

Patient: Hi I am from India and have recently moved to UK.Most of the time during the year my nose is blocked and I have to blow my nose 2-3 times a day and sneezing is a usual affair.It is worse when I am at home (morning/evening) and is stuffy but manageable(during the day) when I am at work. I have tried Neti pot but it makes things worse, I havent tried any nasal sprays I can breathe from mouth atleast.I dont have this specific problem in India, I used to sneeze after bath in India(1 or two sneezes) but that was it. It is much more worse over here in UK.I visited India for two months in January this year and I never faced this problem over there.I get red and watery eyes as well but that is also in uk (never in India) but this usually goes away for a week or so once I use the sodium cromoglicate drops.Any help is appreciated.