Blood clot in urine and low back pain

Patient: Concern: occasional blood in urine, a couple times in stool, never with pain. The last time I noticed the red color in my cloudy urine there was a small blood clot. SHOULD I BE CONCERNED? I am a 225lbs, 6’3″, 39yr old, active male construction worker, on a high protien diet, do not smoke and,or drink and am not over weight. I have experienced signs of low blood sugar and tend to burn energy quit fast. I do have lower back pain but believe this is due to my line of work and,or possible injury from an auto accident many years ago.

Doctor: It should certainly be concerning to have a blood clot in urine, which indicates bleeding from any part of the urinary t ract due to injury, infections or stones. Your low back pain may be a symptom associated with the bladder infection or injury and which may also be the cause of gross bleeding. You may want to visit your doctor or a urologist for the investigation of source of bleeding and its treatment.