Blood clots in urine with pain

Patient: Hi I am having increasing pain when urinating as if my urithra is being sqweezed like a sausage casing and I am leaving worm shaped blood clots and very heavy sediment in the bottom of the toilet more than usual with also frequent urges to urinate with little to no production before you ask never had any kidney stones and do have diabetes and no pain in any part of my back or sides and not a burning sensation a pain in my tubes sensation please advise

Symptoms: Pain and frequent urges to urinate with visible worm shaped clots

Doctor: Urinary tract infection is likely and an ultrasonography is essential to rule out stones. The frequency is a common feat ure of infection.Treatment is offered in the form of oral medicines and broad spectrum antibiotics and urinary alkalizers. If left untreated the situation may go out of control. Please see a doctor for proper diagnosis.