Blood in mucus, feeling lightheaded

Patient: Hello, I have been dealing with a cold for the past 2 weeks. Congestion was the main problem during this time. 5days ago, I notice that when I blew my nose blotches of blood were in my tissue. This has been ongoing ranging from a little bit of blood to nothing but blood with clots in my tissue. For the past 3 days including now, I have been feeling very lightheaded and weak. I can function almost with my daily activities except expertise. I feel a bit out of sorts, almost a bit disconnected along with dizzy. I have not lost my appetite but the way that I am feeling does have me a bit scared. Do I need to seek a doctor or will this pass? Have I lost too much blood to where it’s making me feel this way?

Symptoms: Congested, blood in mucus, dizzy, light headed, a bit nauseous,

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for choosing “Ask The Doctor” for posting your query.Blood mixed with mucus commonly occurs d uring cold. There is nothing much to panic. More so, the blood loss occurring through mucus is not significant to cause blood loss symptoms. The dizziness that you are feeling is probably due to the sinusitis or the cold.Still safe side, it would be wise to get a complete blood count done to get the platelet levels done and also get an idea about the blood hemoglobin. You will need anti-histaminics like cetrizine for cold and paracetamol for headache and body aches. Do regular warm saline gargles.Do meet your doctor and get the mentioned tests done and also get the mentioned medicines prescribed.Hope I am able to answer your concerns.Wish you good health!