Blood in my stool

Patient: I just went to the bathroom and there was a decent amount of blood in my stool and when i wiped too what should i do?

Doctor: I understand your concern about this issue. If this is the first time that you notice this, I would suggest you to calm and try to remember if the blood that you noticed was bright red or dark.Most commonly, if you suffer from constipation and hard stools are frequent a possibility of having a small tear on the anus or hemorrhoids could be the cause of the bleeding, certainly pain would also be present. On the other hand if the blood was dark and you have been experiencing abdominal pain recently a possibility of gastritis or peptic ulcer might need to be ruled out. In any case, if you notice this episode again, I would definitely suggest you to consult your gastroenterologist to rule out the exact cause, in the meantime eat more fiber and drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol or spicy foods.