Blood in my urine

Patient: Two weekends ago I went out to watch one of the football play off games. Ill admit I had way too much to drink that night and woke up feeling pretty sick the next morning. That morning I had symptoms of what I thought was a UTI. Ive had a few 10 years ago. feeling like I had to urinate often not much urine when I did urinate, pain urinating and blood in my urine. I made an appointment for the next day figuring I needed antibiotics for my UTI. The day of my appointment all of my symptioms had gone away and since I my insurnace doesn’t go into effect until Feburary I cancelled the appointment. All was fine. This past weekend I was a a party and had a few drinks but no where near the amount from the weekend prior. Again the next morning I woke up with the same symptoms. What could be causing this? Will this happen everytime I drink any alcohol or is this specific to they malibu and coke I’ve been drinking?

Doctor: Your blood in urine could be unrelated to alcohol and may be caused by i) Urinary tract infection ii) Renal stones iii) Trauma iv) Certain medicines. You will need to get your urine tested along with further investigations. I would advice you to make an appointment with your GP.