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Blood in stool and irregular bowel movements.

Dear Ask The Doctor:
I have been experiencing irregular bowel movements over the last one week. Now go to the washroom for a long call once a day. Its is painful and hard to pass. I am noticing blood specs on the stool and the anal area is itchy. Is there an infection? Where is the blood coming from?


Its your constipation that may be the root cause. When hard stool pass out with a lot of effort, it often erodes your skin in the anal region which bleeds, and this is actually what you may be noticing as specs of blood  on the stool. When this skin erosion heals, it feels itchy and at times it may also get infected. I suggest that you should increase your dietary fiber and the best way to do so is to increase the quantity of fruits and vegetables that you eat. You can also consume prunes/prune juice, drink lots of fluids and exercise daily (even just daily walks) will help improve your constipation.

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