Blood in the stools: Causes?

Patient: Hi. I been noticing blood coming out of my stool. At first I thought it was nothing big intill its been going for about 2 weeks or longer. When it started I had bad stomach pains then I got dirrariah. I thought it could been himeriods, but I don’t know. I take fiber and eat fiber. So I figured it cant be that. I’m not constapated, buy my stool isn’t solid, hasn’t been sense the started. I did have small hard black flacks a few days ago. I’m scared of it can be collin cancer. So can u please help me out? Thank you.

Doctor: It seems that most likely you may be having either hemorrhoids or some acute gastroenteritis which is leading to the ble eding. You most definately do not have colon cancer as you are too young unless there is a stong history of colon cancer in your family. Anyways you will need to see your family physician so as to get your stool tested for infection as well as blood. Infectious diarrhea usually is accompanied by mucous and blood in the stools. If you are still having diarrhea you need to keep replinishing the lost fluid and keep yourself hydrated. Also in case you have had a history of constipation , hemorrhoids or a fissure may be causing the bleeding.