Blood is red, pink or dull in color, should i be worried?

Patient: Hi, I ought to see my period 16th June 2014, but i didn’t. 18th June 2014, i started noticing some blood when i wipe with toilet paper. could it be dangerous? some times the blood is red, pink or dull in color, but light compared to menstruation. I ate a grilled meat a day before, could it have caused the bleeding. I am so scared please. Thanks

Doctor: It seems that what you are describing is either premenstrual spotting or Implantation bleeding. Eating grilled meat is n ot known to cause this kind of a spotting.Implantation bleeding is one of several symptoms and signs of pregnancy. It is not at all dangerous to the mother or the child and is seen in approximately a third of all women who conceive. The fertilized egg implants into the uterine lining and in in the process may damage some of the mother’s blood vessels in the uterus, resulting in a small amount of bleeding,This usually happens around 6-12 days after ovulation and fertilsation and is typically described as a lighter period of light pink or dark red blood. Premenstrual spotting would look similar to you initially but it is generally followed by a proper period.In either case, only a pregnancy test will confirm with certainty if you are pregnant or not. I recommend that you take a Home pregnancy test or get tested at a local clinic or hospital to avoid any further uncertainity and distress.