Blood Pressure

Patient: Hello i am a 27 yr old male 6ft 2 and roughly 200 pounds. Relatively fit however i have done practically zero physical activity since i started to travel the world 10 months ago. Since traveling i have been basically partying non stop. The other day i had sore head that lasted over a day but wasn’t constant, it was like when i made sudden movements or caused blood to go to my head it would start throbbing. I went to the clinic and he took my BP and it was 140 over 100. Since reading this i see that its pretty high but i just want to know straight up how bad this is and how easy it is to recover from? I still have a few more months traveling but once i’m home the drinking and partying will be a weekend thing once again with a regular training programme in place. Will i be ok at this level for another few months or do i need to do something now?