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Patient: Hi, am planing to get marriage with my relative who is a grand daughter of my father elder sister. I also want to tell you that my father elder sister is married to her father (my grand father) sister son. Am wondering, will there be any problem for having a child.If there is any problem for having a child then are there any medical treatment to overcome from this problem.Thank you so much




Symptoms: Blood related marriage

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Consanguinity or marrying amongst relatives has been divided into degrees. In your case, it is 3 rd degree and beyond consanguinity.The chances of inheritance of certain genetic diseases and chances of having a baby with multiple anomalies is anticipated in consanguineous marriages, but it is mostly in first and second degree and less beyond that.As, the relationship between you and your future wife is a far related blood relationship, yet, we cannot rule out the chances of genetic inheritance or an anomalous child.However, there is nothing wrong or scary about marrying her.Before you take a decision, couple counselling may be done for you and your partner from a genetic counsellor. A family tree and the relationship will be established and the counsellor may recommend genetic karyotyping tests to look for your genes as well as your partner’s and would be able to comment on any likely chances of problems in your offspringAll the best to both of youRegards.

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