Blood spotting and not like period

Patient: Hi, im a virgin with a regural 28 days period, my last period was on 3/31 and on 4/13 me nd man were dry humping nd he touched his penis before ejaculating and I think he had few precum on fingers then he rubbed his fingers with my clitoris and vulva not deeper. His penis was far from me and he ejaculated far from me. Only his fingers touched me. Now I’m on day 17 of my period and have blood not spotting and not like period. Could I be pregnant? !

Doctor: Pregnancy is highly unlikely with the sort of sexual activity you described.The fact you are a virgin raises the possi bility that you may have sustained some injury( possibly hymenal tear) because of the manual rubbing and that could be the cause for the bleeding. IN CASE THE BLEEDING DOES NOT STOP IN A COUPLE OF DAYS DO VISIT YOUR LOCAL DOCTOR.