Blood sugar level high

Patient: If blood sugar is 226 mg/dl and hplc is 9.5% and taking one pill of amaryl 1 mg what should be done to reduce blood sugar levels

Doctor: Hello. Welcome to Ask The Doctor.Your blood sugar levels are very high. You need to be started on treatment with com bination drugs as you are already taking Amaryl 1mg and your blood sugar is still high.You would require a combination of Metformin and Glimepiride for the purpose.You should not play with these drugs as this can be harmful. Get them prescribed by a doctor only.They would start you with an assumed dosage and will modify your medicines based on your blood sugar values.You should also get diabetic workup done for end organ damage that includes Serum creatinine, Urine for microalbumin, ECG. You should also get your lipid profile tested.You would require a diabetic diet and you should exercise along with taking medicines.See your doctor now, let him plan for you the medicines.I hope it helps.Stay Healthy