Blood Sugar Query. Question on type 2 diabetes.

Patient: My mother (66 years) has been diabetic for 10 years or so and has been oral medication. Today her lab report shows Fasting as 124 and PP 81. Since PP is low and lower than fasting, are there any implications and do we need to take any action?

Symptoms: Low in energy

Doctor: Hello,Thank you for your query.I understand your concern.I will not change the dosage just because of one isolated reading. I will advise you to repeat the values after a week and also get HBA1c checked. If HBA1c is around 6, and not more than 6.5, it indicates good control and fairly normal level of sugar most of the time. Fasting 124 is still high, and it is surprising PP is that low.If HbA1c is fine, and the repeat values are similar then you can discuss with your physician and moderate the dose of your oral medication. That will be enough as of now.Hope this was helpful,Regards..