Blood Test : Haematology WBC

Patient: Recent blood test with the following results and range. Please advise what are the causes, consequences and what should I do?ESR, results: 23mm/h, reference range: 3.0-15.0 mm/hEosinophil : 9.5%, reference range: 0-6%

Symptoms: NIL

Doctor: Hi dear patient,Your blood tests reveal that you have slightly raised ESR and raised eosinophils which is called as Eo sinophilia. common causes for this condition is parasitic infections, allergic rhinitis, asthma, urticaria, hay fever and certain drugs etc. Firstly you need to get detailed examination of your skin,lungs,liver and spleen and also get Absolute eosinophil count test done which would be more appropriate and aids in proper diagnosis.My advise is you consult a physician for futher needful.