Blood Test Meaning Query

Patient: Please could you tell me what an rbl test in blood tests is please?My husband had blood tests the other week at the gp for a hospital clinic he attends every 6 months and this is the first time a blood test has been recalled-requested and we have no idea what it means.As a background in June 2009 he suffered liver failure but since then has made a complete recovery with no after effects, scarring etc.So obviously this being the first repeat of anything, we are worried.Please would you be able to briefly tell me what this rbl test is please?Thank you very muchSinead

Doctor: Thank you for your question. The RBL is a common abbreviation for ‘Red Blood Cell Level/Count’. This is a very common le vel measured in a normal CBC. It is possible that there was an error in the blood test, or an abnormality the the doctor found and requested a new sample. Once the new test results are received, your husbands red blood cell count should be accurately quantified.Thank you for consulting