Blood test results anamia

Patient: Hi i was told that my b12 in a blood test was low and have anemia i have been out of breath a lot lately plus pins and needles in my legs and hands and very tired and depressed as well can you tell me if this dangerous thankyou linda

Symptoms: Tired moody tingling in hands and feet

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for writing to Ask The Doctor.Vitamin B12 is also known as cobalamine. It is a Vitamin involved in syn thesis of RBC. It also plays a role in nerve conduction. You will thus have megaloblastic anemia. In megaloblastic anemia, the RBC are bigger in size.Along with this, some neurological deficit is present. This is the pins and needles type of feeling you have described. Megaloblastic anemia is not very dangerous, you can get treated by taking Vitamin B12 supplements or by taking 1 egg daily. If you do not get cured, please consult a Doctor as there may be a cause for the low B12 levels.