Blood Test Results and Pregnancy Possibility

Patient: I’ve suffered from hypothyroidism all my life. A couple months ago my Levothyroxine medication dose was switched and since then my periods have been irregular. A couple of nights ago, the bleeding was so heavy (after having my period for over a week) that I went to the ER. The doctor I saw told me it may be because of my dose being switched, or I could possibly be pregnant, even though the last time I had PROTECTED sex (for the first time in over a year) was over 4 months ago, and I’ve had NO other symptoms, not to mention having regular periods up until my medication was switched. I have been to the doctor several times had blood drawn since I last had sex. Now I am concerned. The doctors would have told me if I was pregnant after receiving my blood samples, right?

Symptoms: Heavy bleeding, cramps, blood clots, bloating