Blood versus Urine Pregnancy Test

Patient: I became sexually active late March. 6 days ago I had unprotected sex but then we thought better and stopped long before my boyfriend even felt the need to cum. My period is usually irregular but if it’s not this time I should be due them on Sunday. The past few days I’ve had symptoms such as headaches, sore breasts, a blocked stuffy nose and not being able to sleep. I’ve read that these are signs of pregnancy but I’ve also read they could be the signs of your period coming. Could I be pregnant?

Doctor: Your symptoms are very non-specific. A lot of conditions can present with these symptoms including pregnancy. If you can remember the first day of your last period (Day 1) try to count 5-6 weeks from there then do a home pregnancy test. Do this in the morning (first morning urine upon waking up) since it is most concentrated. You may do it again until you have your period. There are things you have to bear in mind. Male condoms are only ~98% effective. There is always a ~2% chance (NOT ZERO) of getting pregnant even when using it. Another is even if your boyfriend did not cum inside you, you can still get pregnant because pre-cum may have spilled which also contains sperm cells. To answer your question, I really don’t know. There is a very real chance you may have conceived anytime from late March because you may have ovulated any time since then. You may also request a doctor for a blood test for pregnancy since it is can detect earlier pregnancy and is more accurate than the home kit. Once you are sure you are not pregnant, I suggest you consult a doctor on starting the contraceptive pill or patch. These have contraindications too and needs a doctor’s prescription. This can also help regulate your menstrual cycle. I wish you well always. Take care.