Bloods show i’m not diabetic but still have the symptoms

Patient: Hi i’m worried that i may be diabetic however i have received blood test results ranging from borderline to the most recent giving me the all clear. Im a 26 y/o male student and I studied abroad and whilst there two bloodtests taken two years apart came up as bordeline diabetic one being 118 the other 113 the most recent being a year ago. Yet when I returned home I did a retest to check and it came back all clear. Now im currently studying in the UK and had a test about a month ago and that too came out fine. Im worried that i may be diabetic as i am constantly thirsty, urinate very frequently and always feel tired, (and last year lost about 10kg even when eating normally). There is a family history of diabetes on both sides. Thank you.

Symptoms: Constant thirst, frequent urination, fatigue