Blue on the head of the penis

Patient: The head of the penis of my friend has become blue. what’s that ?what can him do to sort this out ? help me please !!he really needs you .

Symptoms: The head of the penis has become blue

Doctor: Hi welcome to Ask The Doctor,There might be many reasons for this. This may be related to circumcision. As the head of the penis is naturally an internal organ. It is covered with a mucous membrane.Removing the foreskin causes the head to do something called “keratinise”, which means it dries out and becomes the texture of outer skin. The penis is made up of plenty of blood vessel with connective tissue holding them covered by a layer of thin skin. The color of the glans can range from pink to light blue to purplish blue to purple. The changes may vary depending on the erectile state of the penis. This might be a normal case but still it is better to consult a doctor. All the best.