Body building supplements

Patient: I take a range of supplements for body building and have been doing so for a couple of years. However its recently come to my attention i may be taking to many, as they could be interfering with each.i takeImpact diet whey protein (includes oats and green tea)Creatine in the shakeL Glutamine in the shakeTaurine also in the shakeCLA (2 before every meal)Zinc and magnesium (before bed)Omega 3 (3 capsules a day)Chromium Picolinate (200MCG)and finally L CarnitineI take them all as advised by the manufacturer, im just concerned they may counter or interfere with each other.I have recently become ill and i rarely ever become ill, are these combinations weakening my immune system?many thanks

Symptoms: sinuses playing up, pressure in my ears, coughing and blocked nose