Body composition scale with IUD

Patient: I have the Paragard IUD and was wondering if I can still use my scale that measures body composition. The scale measures weight,bone mass, water, muscle mass. It uses bioelectrical impedance analysis by sending signal through body, but has a warning not to use if one has a pacemaker or other internal medical device. Is it safe for me to use with a copper IUD? Thank you very much! Kristen

Doctor: Thank you for your question. Body composition scales may affect pace makers due to the fact that they emit an electrical current, however copper IUDs should not be affected by such scales. There is a very small amount of electrical current that is produced by a bioelectrical impedance scale to estimate body composition. Copper IUDs are very small and may not have any effect on the scale’s readings as well as put you in any danger.We hope we have addressed your concern.