Body odor (gastrointestinal)

Patient: -Dear Doctors- I have perhaps the biggest problem of my life, and I would definitely be greatful the rest of my days if somebody helped me to solve my issue: Body odor. It’s been 5 years since it started, and whatever I’m trying to do to get rid of this body odor, it just dosn’t help. -Reducing the body odor- Thankfully I have found ways of just reducing the smell a bit. I have found out that alcohol or similar products increases my body odor a lot, that’s why I don’t drink. This also include foods; I should not eat curtains foods, that can increase the odor. It also seems that if I play sports or just run so I can sweat the sweat out of my body – it also help. If i wash myself very, very thoroughly, it also reduces the smell a lot (but you can still smell it from about 30-40 cm). These are the most important examples of how I can reduce the odor. -Doctors- I have visited two different doctors in two different cities, and they just couldn’t find the cause of this. Mostly because my blood test was great. The second doctor I had visited 5 times. Everything seems to be that there is nothing wrong with me, apart from the body odor. The second doctor also wanna hear in the future if I solved the problem and what caused it. -Social- Well this is probably the biggest impact by this body odor – the people around me cannot bear to sit next to be me because of this. They can bear a little bit, but it’s not like they want to sit next to me all the time. In the past five years several people has said to me directly that I smell, and numerous has slandered me about this. I also heard people, after they smelled to me, going to a group a few meters away and said that I smell. This really, really bothers me. I cannot even hang out with my friends properly because of this. Remember that this occurs even that I take a bath every day. By the way in high school we didn’t had ventilation in the rooms, so it really smelled inside in our classes after a lesson – That’s why we often opened the windows. (Even if I’m the only person in the room). -Theories- I now know from experience that it has something to do with the digestive system (intestinal, colon or bowel) to do. Everything that I eat or drink seems to go directly to my sweat pores, and that is causing the smell. I once took a pill to relax my intestinal, and from the moment I took the pill, you could hear a sound around my umbilical (just like the sound when you’re hungry but louder, clearer and longer), and the very next day, people just couldn’t stand to be close to me. They really held their nose, and many of them ended the conversation just so they could walk a few meters away. That day I probably found out where the problem is: Around my umbilical. I believe that there is a leak or something like that. -History- For 4-5 years I was hoping that the problem would solve by itself, but it never did, and the way I see it I don’t think it will never be solved by itself. That’s why I’m asking my question here. In the past 5 years I have changed my diet several times, and this is how I found out that some food increases the odor more than others. It has destroyed everything in my life, have not had a decent life since the problem started. That is why I’m seeking help here and hope that somebody will help me before I give up.

Doctor: I am really sorry to hear what you are going through because of the body odor. It is really difficult to diagnose the ca use of foul smelling body odor. The condition is known medically as bromhidrosis.It occurs in specific persons and may be genetically determined. It is caused because of the breakdown of sebum/fat on the skin by bacteria. Several treatment modalities may be possible. The use of antibacterial medicated soap and making sure that the body is properly dry is helpful in reducing odor.You may need to see your dermatologist in this regard.