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Body pain and skin problm due to cold

Patient: Sir , i have headache chest pain ,col and my face and showlders are filled with smthing like pimple bt not it is filld with some liquid…diameter is 2mm.. i am 19 year old and i dsnt smoke and am not use alcohol… and evrythng started 3 days ago… sorry about my bad english..



Symptoms: Heavy headache
Chest pain
Smthing like pimples up to 30 – 40 nos



Doctor: Thank you for contacting ask the doctor.I am sorry for your suffering. This could be result of the viral infection. M ost common Viral Infection would be Varicella virus causing Chicken pox. This infection usually starts with a fever of 38-40 degree Celsius followed by body ache, malaise and joint pain. The rash may appear 3-5 days later and be fluid filled crusting later in the course of the disease. This rash usually appears on the head & face , shoulders , trunk and may even involve the limbs in some cases. Please note that this is highly contagious. Patient isolation is a must.Management : Scrapping from the lesion , PCR, Chest Xray etc.Treatment : Antiviral medicationsIf you have previously suffered Chicken pox then it is highly unlikely to occur again.There are many other causes of the vesicular rash – Impetigo ( bacterial infection ) , other viral infections, Dermatitis etc.treatment would depend on the cause and may include antihistamines or antibiotics.I recommend a visit to a physician for a correct diagnosis immediately.Hope this information was usefulDr. Pooja Sabui


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