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Bodybuilding and steroid use

Patient: Hello, im a 22 year old male who recently took steroids. I was about to compete in a bodybuilding contest but out of nowhere I got sick. I had the cold for almost two weeks and I didnt take steroids during those weeks. I was taking 30mg of dinabol pills. But now that im ok i feel that im weak, lazy, not enough sex drive its like my normal testosterone levels dropped A LOT, i have no energy to workout a lot like before, what should i do to get back my natural testosterone levels up. Please help.


Symptoms: Running nose, lost of appetite lazy, not enough energy

Doctor: Thank you for your question. We recommend that you seek medical attention immediately. Anabolic steroid use for weight t raining is dangerous and can cause a plethora of health problems including abnormal imbalances of your body’s natural testosterone levels. Please see your doctor to be evaluated and please discontinue steroid use immediately.Thank you for consulting


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