Boil that is on my back and painful when touched

Patient: Hi i have a boil that is located on my back shoulder blade. I have had it for years but has been small and white. Recently it has grown and become inflamed with a red ring around it. Im getting abit scared. It isnt extremely painful only when its touched. I am not sure if it is a boil as this has been on back for years very small non painful. I have started hormone tablets dhea and elevit for ivf not sure if this has something to do with it.

Symptoms: Big red lump with localized pain when touched

Doctor: Hello, thanks for your health query on ATD.As appears from your history, the lump on your back may be an old lipoma (deposition of fat in a sac). Now because of continuous friction it has become inflamed & painful.My advice is to get it removed ASAP, lest there are chances of recurrence.Hope this helps you.