Boil Under Warts

Patient: I have a Wart, I thin. I acutally can’t remember what the Doctor (two, to date) told it it was. Either way, they both assured me that it was nothing to worry about and not contagious. Both Doctors told me it would be more trouble to remove it than let it be, due to the root being as deep as it was and the fact it’s on the outer labia. Aside from it being ugly, I could deal with it, now I’ve noticed it’s gotten bigger and I think I figured out why, it has a boil (I get one at least once a year) forming slightly underneath it. I don’t have insurance and I’m concerned, what kind of home remedies can I do to get to get rid of it or both?

Doctor: If you think there is a boil underneath the wart then I honestly believe you should have it checked. Infection can ensue if you will ignore this. I don’t think there are home remedies for this; in my opinion, oral antibiotics should be started. I do hope this helps and take care.