Boils in under arm pits

Patient: Respected Doctors,My name is srinivas of age 29 years. I have boils under my arm pits on both sides for more than two years … I have consulted so many general physicians and dermatologists. The boils are going and coming and this process is continuing for long days.. At last i met a skin specialist and she confirmed that it is “hidradenitis suppurativa” . She has prescribed me so many medicines, creams and anti bacterial soaps and i am taking this regularly without failure but there is no change in my under arms. Pus is leaking out from the open wounds and it is much painful.. Can you please provide me a valuable suggestions to get rid of this case.You people are the only hope for me… I cannot able to stay and spend with friends, relatives and cannot be able to do my regular activities happily. Please do consider and provide me your valuable suggestions. I would be very much thankful to you a lot and lot…Thanks and RegardsSrinivas