Boils on scrotum

Patient: Respected sir,i am 21 yrz oldI am going through a serios problem and want your treatment on problem is whenever i masturbate excessively for 5 to 6 days daily , boils develops on my scrotum and there is extreme itching on that with foul smell from my penis and scrotum… not only this while doing itching on my scrotum some dead skin comes out in my hand everytime..whenever i go through this problem i apply NUFORCE or SURFAZ-SN creame but that to does not help before 7 to 8 there anythng wrong in my scrotums.. i know i do wrong thing by excessive masturbation but i m scaring that if after marriage also this thing happens then what will i do.. coz in the initial days of marriage excessive sex would be there n i will be going thrgh the same thing..i want your treatment in this or want your opinion that should i get it checked with the doctor