Bone marrow causing pain?

Patient: My father has been experiencing major back pain in his upper left quaderant for some time now. He saw a back specilist that did an MRI and it showed a spot on his back about a pea size. The back doctor sent him to an oncologist because he believed it was cancer. The oncologist said it wasnt but he thought it was bone marrow. My father got a third opinion and that doctor also said it was bone marrow and unless he wanted to do a bone marrow biopsy or go get another opinion he suggested he just lives with it. the problem is that he will go thru times when he is in so much pain in that one area that he can barley breath, he cant move, he just has to lay there in pain until the pain medicine kicks in. He can go three days with out an episode but then will get them every day for a long amount of time. I have never heard of bone marrow causing problems like this so we are lost on where to go to now. Can bone marrow cause pain like this? Should he get yet another opinion? Thank you

Symptoms: Pain in upper left back, physically cant move when episode occurs, hard to breath when episode occurs.