Bone pain and back pain

Patient: I’ve been having some bone pain it’s in my lower back and my right leg, it comes and goes but wen its painful it’s hard for me to sit .. Wat could it be?

Symptoms: Pain, muscle ache

Doctor: Hello,If you have been having lower back pain which is radiating to one leg and the pain is severe incapacitating you completely , not allowing you to sit , then it is most likely to be a SCIATICA pain . It is due to compression of lumbosacral nerves at the level of the spine due to chronic bad posture or strain on the back or secondary to sudden jerk / lifting heavy weights.You may visit your physician for an Xray spine to look for any wedging and scoliosis of spine causing lateral tilt of spine. This can be further treated with various specific physiotherapy exercises once diagnosed confirmtively after local examination and evaluation.I hope i have answered your query in detail, wishing you good health,regards