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Bone spur in the first metatarsal joint

Dear Ask The Doctor:
I am not sure what is wrong with my foot please read my upload. Everything normal on Mri (after you read initial issue) except a bony spurring on first mtf joint. i cant take this pain anymore, any suggestions before i go to second opinion? any xrays or mris you want let me know


 The pain is caused by the bone spur in the first MTT joint and in the view that you described it a very severe I strongly recommend a evaluation by a foot specialist to discuss the possibility of a surgical removal. This procedure involves removing the painful and prominent bone spur on the top of the great toe joint (1st metatarsal head). This is done to allow increased motion through the big toe MTP joint, decrease shoewear irritation from the prominence, and eliminate some early arthritis on the upper surface of the joint. Potential complications of the surgery include: Irritation to the nerves supplying the big toe  and potential for a recurrence or persistence of symptoms, if the surgery does not fully correct the underlying biomechanical forces that caused the arthritic changes in the first place. Therefore, over time the great toe symptoms may have a tendency to recur. If the symptoms recur it may be necessary to perform a more definitive procedure such as a fusion  or a firsy MTT joint replacement.

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Guest Says: my foot pain is below small toe on bottom of foot and is severe.

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