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Patient: Could I be pregnant since my boobs hurt and they are tender to the touch. But the nipples are not brown or anything like that. What could cause it? I have been off the shot for 3 months and i dont know why i feel the way i do. Can you help me out please and thank u

Symptoms: Tender boobs,nausous, sick to my tummy,headache, lower back pain

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.If you have been off Depot for 3 months now and have already resumed your menses for t he previous months and have been sexually active but not on any form of contraception, then in case of missed periods in this cycle , you may need to rule out pregnancy in that case by a serum beta hCG test which is a lab-based test and can be performed 7 days post sex.If the pregnancy is ruled out, then the symptoms can be attributed to premenstrual syndrome which may mimic early pregnancy symptoms in the absence of pregnancy, but indicate that your menses are about to start in next few days.I hope I have answered your query.Regards

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