Borderline prostatomegaly with altered heterogenous echotexture – prostatitis

Patient: Sir, Since morning I am suffering from urinary problem with Frequent Urination. Pain occur before and after urination. Doctor suggested Ultrasound Scanning for abdomen. The report appears to be :Prostate measures 29x38x37 mm (volume 22CC) with borderline prostatomegaly with altered heterogenous echotexture and Fatty Liver.Please advise

Doctor: Thank you for your question. It is possible that you are suffering from prostatitis, and a urinary tract infection cause d by bacteria. We strongly recommend that follow up with your doctor to start a course of antibiotics for this possible infection.Your fatty liver may be unrelated to your prostate infection and bladder infection, and may be an incidental finding on your ultrasound report. We recommend that you have your doctor monitor this on a regular basis for any changes.Thank you for consulting