Botox a good treatment option?

Patient: I have had migraine/muscle tension headaches for 18 years and have tried pretty much every treatment imagine able. One doctor suggested to me that I try to get Botox injections to treat them. As my insurance will not cover it since it’s not a proven treatment for headaches I am weary to try it as I would have to pay cash, and it would be diss appointing if I just wasted my money. So I would like to know how effective is Botox at treating headaches? Is it used often with success, and worth trying?

Symptoms: Intractable migraines/ muscle tension headaches

Doctor: Thank you for your question. Botox injections have been used to treat severe migraine headaches since the 2010. However, this is not a cure for severe migraine headaches but it has been shown that reduces amount of times you will have migraine headaches. Since you have had no help with migraine headache medication, it would be best to consult a pain specialist to determine if this would be a viable option for treatment of your headache.Thank you for consulting