Bottom of heel pain increasing as the day goes on.

Patient: I am having bottom of the heel I stepped on rocks..increase in pain throughout the day. Home treatment?

Symptoms: Bottom of heel pain increasing in intensity during the day.

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.This type of plantar fasciitis is often suffered by female patients.I hope you are no t diabetic.I can suggest the following in such a patient;Take broad-based bucket or a bowl in which you can rest your both feet comfortably.Pour in a water till it fills up to 8 inches. Remove the feet and start adding common salt to the water. Go on adding till you can see the salt not being able to dissolve. This makes it supersaturated solution.Once this saturated solution is made, you have to make it warm on a stove to an extent that the back of your hand can tolerate, pour it into the bucket, test the temperature again, rest your feet into the bucket. Keep part of the solution on the stove so that you can add warm solution to the bucket with feet. Continue for 15 minutes minimum twice daily. Do not throw away this solution as it will look dirty after some days; use the same.You may take an additional oral steroids under the prescription of your Doctor, in tapering dosage and may take diuretics if needed.Always take multivitamins as they act like anti-oxidants.I hope this satisfies your query.