Bottom right side of stomach with minor pokey pain

Patient: I am worried..I don’t know why but yesterday as well as today, when I went to the bathroom after I had a bowel movement my bottom right side of the stomach felt doesn’t hurt but it’s like this pokey feeling..and now when I pee I keep getting this pokey feeling at the bottom right side of my stomach. Sometimes I do get this pokey feeling but it doesn’t last this it a urinary infection or do I still have poo stuck in my stomach?

Symptoms: Pokey feeling at the bottom right of stomach

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.The abdomen has the most number of organs present and infection or damage to any of thes e may cause the symptoms you are having. Here are the organs in the abdomen:KidneysBladderIntestinesSpleenPancreasStomachYou can start by taking 5 ml of Pepto-Bismol 4 times a day. If you do not feel better after 3 days, please see a Doctor to help you. The Doctor will get a USG and X-ray done. If the Doctor does not find anything, he will ask you to get a Rectoscopy done. This should help you reach a diagnosis. You may have a UTI but you need to get it diagnosed.I hope this helps you. All the best.