Boy friend has Erectile Dysfunction

Patient: I started dating a 31yr old virgin and have been seeing eachother for the past 2 months. when we decide to get in to the momment we get all hot and heavy he starts to get hard but not fully. when it comes to having intercourse his erection goes away. what can we do he has been masterbating for the past 11 years and has never had a problem with getting hard and keeping it but when we are together its like he cant get it fully hard and I am becoming very frustrated. he has never had a girlfriend or had sex I NEED HELP please

Doctor: Erectile dysfunction may be caused by a number of factors. The most common in young adults is psychological. Stress, anx iety, performance anxiety, certain drugs like SSRIs, obesity, smoking, surgery to the pelvic area are all known to cause erectile dysfunction.The treatment is usually psychotheraphy and talking to the partner about all the fears and concerns. If this doesn not help, then he needs to be evaluated further for any physical problem leading to erectile dysfunction.