Boy having fever

Patient: Doctor, my son (aged 20 months) is having fever around 100-102F from yesterday. Pediatrician has suggested a paracetamol(meftal -P 4ml) for every 6 hours. the temperature is not subsiding. there is NO symptom of cold & cough. What should we do now? Please suggest.

Doctor: I understand how concerned you are about your son’s fever. Fever in an infant is generally treated with the medication t that your doctor suggested.However you could also help reducing the fever by adding physical methods. Bathing your child in lukewarm water would help reduce the fever, also dressing him in light clothes and placing humid compresses under his armpits and over his forehead would also reduce the temperature.These methods and the acetaminophen as indicated would be enough to reduce the fever, however if it does not reduce it would be recommended for you to take your child to the pediatrician. I wish him a prompt recovery.