Boyfriend came inside of me and ive missed a few pills

Patient: I’m 17 me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex 2 night ago and he cummed inside me. I am on birth control but I have been changing the brand a lot within the last few months and have missed a couple pill and especially the week before intercourse I had missed 2 or 3 but I immediately took them the next morning. But knowing that I wanted to be safe and take plan b. so I took plan b at least an hour or two after sex .i wanted to know if that increases or decreases my risk of becoming pregnant being on birth control and all? I did also poop the next day and wanted to know if I could have pooped out the pill

Doctor: Hi, Birth control pills should be taken regularly and should not be missed, incase you miss you should resume taking the m as soon as possible. Birth control pills if taken regularly from day 5 to day 28 of the menstrual cycle will provide contraception of up to 99%. But since you have been careful and also took the after pill within 72 hours of unprotected sex, the chances of pregnancy are almost remote. Once the pill is taken you should not puke within an hour or two. If it is after that then it will not decrease its effectiveness. Incase you don’t get your period 7 to 10 days later to your expected menstrual cycle opt for a home pregnancy test.Hope that answers your query.Good day.