Boyfriend finished inside me while I was on my period and day before planning to start birth control? Can I still get pregnant?

Patient: Had unprotected sex on my period and going to start birth control for the first time the next day? Can I still get pregnant or will the birth control hinder any pregnancy from happening? Also will being on birth control affect pregnancy If I do become pregnant?details:I started my period on August 6 (wednesday) and I had unprotected sex today, August 9 (saturday) and he finished inside of me. I got a prescription for birth control and I was going to start tomorrow- the sunday after my period.Is it possible that I can get pregnant from having sex on my period? And also if I start the birth control will that stop pregnancy from happening? Or harm the baby if I do get pregnant?I’m just concerned that the birth control will terminate or affect any potential baby. If i get pregnant, I get pregnant. I don’t want the birth control to mess anything up or not allow me to continue the whole process of pregnancy.

Symptoms: Period, pregnancy, birth control

Doctor: Thank you for your query.When you are still bleeding & you have an unprotected sexual intercourse the chances of a probable conception are almost remote.You can probably start the birth control pills safely from day 5 of the menstrual cycle till day 25 of the cycle. till the first seven days after the start of the pill it is advisable to abstain from unprotected sexual intercourse or use of a condom is recommended to avoid an unwanted pregnancy.Hope that answers your query. Have a good day.